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about the entity

Ghana was formerly known as the Gold Coast. On 6 March 1957, Kwame Nkrumah declared the country’s independence. On 1 July 1960, Ghana became a commonwealth republic with Nkrumah as the first President of the country. The flag of Ghana consists of the colours red, gold, green, and black star. Ghana, a country on the West Coast of Africa, is one of the most thriving democracies on the continent. It has often been referred to as an “island of peace” in one of the most chaotic regions on earth. It shares boundaries with Togo to the east, Cote d’Ivoire to the west, Burkina Faso to the north and the Gulf of Guinea, to the south. 

The country’s economy is dominated by agriculture, which employs about 40 per cent of the working population. Ghana is one of the leading exporters of cocoa in the world. It is also a significant exporter of commodities such as gold and lumber. A country covering an area of [238,500 square kilometres]. Ghana has an estimated population of 30.4 million (2020 est.), drawn from more than one hundred [ethnic groups]- each with its own unique language. English, however, is the official language, a legacy of British [colonial rule.

Now, AIESEC in Ghana has been in existence for decades and we currently engage 250+ members across seven local committees. AIESEC in Ghana is registered under the companies act of Ghana. Being a registered company, we have a Board of Directors, responsible for the financial and legal wellbeing of the organization. Our Board of Directors are people who passed through AIESEC like you and me and are reputable people in society. They work with the MC team in ensuring growth and development through organizational oversight.

In the recent past, AIESEC in Ghana has been known to be a supplier of talent to both our partner organisations and companies enabling youth leadership development through cross-cultural exchanges, and also to other AIESEC entities to further the AIESEC agenda. We have also been known to be major contributors to the MEA region and an entity that strives for excellence. Simply put, being a part of the top leadership of AIESEC in Ghana comes with a lot of responsibility. One that we are not new to because this has informed how excellent we used to be in the recent past.

lcp jd and responsibility

As Local Committee President, you will be responsible for leading the EB and the LC towards the implementation of a clear vision and strategy, ensuring the development of the organization and of the people that are part of it. You will:

  • Set a clear direction and translate it into a vision for the LC in the 23.24 term;

  • Evaluate every decision with a long-term perspective;

  • Be responsible for driving A2025 in alignment with the National Strategy

  • Reinforce behaviours aligned to our core values among the LC.

  • Ensure Team Alignment on Vision & Strategy

  • Represent  your Team Values & Identity

  • ProvideTeam Spaces & deliver Team Days Agenda

  • Ensure the implementation of EB O2Os and PDPs

  • Manage EB Team R&R or incentive system

  • Drive and implement host and inspirational leadership strategies

As Local Committee President, you will represent AIESEC with external stakeholders and partners. Represent the LC in the national and global plenary. Actively participate in National decision-making. You will

  • Position and promote the LC in the National and Global plenary

  • Represent the AIESEC brand externally and internally, by acting according to AIESEC values

  • Officially represent the LC at external events;

  • Represent the LC in from of external stakeholders, such as Alumni and organizations

  • Be the Final person responsible for the legal and financial situation of the LC

  •  Ensure Presence and active participation at National Legislation Meetings & Conferences

  • Ensure Participation in national roles such as Steering Team or Plenary Representative

  • Interface with local partners

  • Lead relevant stakeholder meetings

The Local Committee President will ensure the delivery of the Membership Experience Standards in the Executive Board. He/She/They will support the Executive Board in preparation for their role through the definition of Job Descriptions and support the transition process between the incumbent Executive Board and the Incoming Executive Board.

The Local Committee President will facilitate a planning process that comprises individual JDs in accordance with the entity’s strategy and direction, the Executive Board’s role and services.

The Local Committee President will establish and reinforce an appropriate routine and cadence for Performance Management on the Executive Board in accordance with the Membership Experience Standards. He/She/They will ensure education and training needed for the team and the individual members are delivered based on needs

The Local Committee President will also facilitate, encourage and support the Executive Board member’s personal development and goals in accordance with the Membership Experience Standards and follow up on a quarterly basis as a minimum.

The Local Committee President will take an active part in the Board of Presidents headed by the Member Committee President.

He/She/They will be responsible for representing the Local Committee in the National Plenary and National Presidents Meetings. He/She/They will take responsibility for the sustainability of the entity and for ensuring accountability by taking up National Sub-Committee roles, attending National Spaces, and offering insights (both objective and subjective).

The Local Committee President shall take responsibility and accountability for communicating regularly with the LC coach, the MCVPs and the MCP. He/She/They will take responsibility for participating in co-creating with the MC, the national strategies and guidelines, and directions.

The Local Committee President will also proactively report to the MC about the situation of the LC

As Local Committee President, you will manage the resources and the performances of the LC, by directing the EB towards the creation and implementation of the yearly plan. You will

  • Recruit, build and develop the EB team – direction, team building, communication, coaching

  • Implement Membership Experience Standards within the EB team

  • Coach the EB team for development and performance

  • Shape the organizational culture and identity of the LC, according to its needs and our values

  • Ensure Weekly, monthly, quarterly and semesterly tracking of each function

  • Host necessary spaces (LMs, EBMs, etc)

  • Plan and ensure continuity of the Local Leadership Body

  • Be the final responsible of the LC Goal Achievement

  • Coordinate EB2EB transition

  • Fulfil National Membership criteria according to the National Compendium

Governance consists of the set of processes, customs, policies, laws and institutions affecting the way we direct, administer or control the entity. A well-defined and enforced organisational governance provides a structure that works for the benefit of everyone concerned by ensuring that we follow & respect the accepted ethical standards and best practices, as well as formal laws, and also to have a risk management system.
The Local Committee President shall be responsible for this

The Local Committee President will manage the Local Committee in a professional and effective manner. Our policies and procedures seek to promote excellence in all respects.

He/She/They shall be held responsible for the Local Committee’s actions (Legal, Financial, etc) and achievements. He/She/They will do this by: having a clear organizational structure and decision-making processes; acting in accordance with stated values and agreed procedures; and reporting on these outcomes in an open and accurate manner.

The governance structure of the Local Committee will conform to relevant laws/compendiums/constitutions and be transparent. He/She/They shall seek to follow principles of best practice in governance.

Every Local CommitteePresident will ensure that resources are used efficiently and appropriately too, that performance is measured, that financial integrity is assured and that public trust is maintained;

Each Local Committee shall have written procedures covering the appointment, responsibilities and terms of members of the leadership team, and clear discharge mechanisms will be in place;

The Local Committee President will strive to have a supervisory body that gives input and advice, and also monitors the activities and finances, using their professional experience for the growth and development of the association.

The Local Committee President is responsible for facilitating a local planning and re-planning process at National Alignment Conference and National Planning Conference which gives direction for the Local Committee after alignment from the Member Committee.

He/She/They are also responsible for creating an annual Local Committee plan based on the entity direction aimed towards achievement of organisational purpose and targets and present/deliver it at the necessary spaces which include but is not limited to the national Plenary, the Local Plenary and the supervisory body (BoA, Staff Adviser, etc) for the Local Committee

The Local Committee President in synergy with the executive Board is also responsible for communicating which strategies, channels, platforms and spaces will be used to implement the Local Committee plan with the network.

He/She/They are also responsible for submitting and presenting quarterly plan reports to the Local Plenary, the supervisory body if any, the appropriate sub-committees if and when needed, the Member Committee, Internal and External Auditors which will include the following:

(1) Progress on organisational goals

(2) Strategy Assessment

(3) Financial sustainability and Decisions Review

(4) Any other relevant information

The Local Committee president is also responsible for ensuring the alignment of the strategies and processes from local, national and global levels.

He/She/They will ensure the alignment of the Local Committee’s strategic decisions with the AIESEC Way while ensuring continuous progress towards AIESEC mid-term direction through AIESEC in Ghana.

He/She/They will ensure a long-term approach towards the Local Committee’s strategic decisions while ensuring the memory of the organizational change is kept.

He/She/They will ensure proper strategic planning and its execution in alignment with the first two items listed above

He/She/They will ensure the Local Committee’s plan supports the creation and/or implementation of national strategies and the fulfilment of the EB Role & Services as per the local compendium.

He/She/They will oversee, supervise, feedback and track strategic work progress at the different parts of the Executive Board structure.

He/She/They will ensure the Local Committee’s internal structure is fit to fulfil the strategic role of the Executive Board and implementation of the national strategies

The Local Committee President will coordinate the Executive Board efforts to deliver the commitments with the resources allocated through the creation and tracking of the Executive Board Plan. He/She/They will support the VP Finance in tracking budget variations at the end of each month in synergy with the rest of the Executive Board.

He/She/They will keep the Executive Board, and the Local Plenary informed of the Local Committee’s Financial State on a regular basis.

applicant profile

General Profile
Knowledge and Competencies
Compendium Requirements

Being elected as Local Committee President can be both enthralling and frustrating. For a period of 60+ years, AIESEC in Ghana has grown to be a force to be reckoned with. Excellence has been a watchword for the entity although on some days, the going might seem tough.

Because we understand and appreciate how far we have come, certain measures are being put in place to ensure that the drivers of the local committee not just understand the intricacies of driving this Local Committee, but are well prepared for them.

To be elected Local Committee President, individuals should be:

1. Strategic and Analytic
2. Self-aware and Confident
3. Able to manage pressure
4. An active and constant learner in and out of AIESEC
5. Able to inspire through words, actions and/or inactions
6. Open Minded
7. Empathetic
8. Accountable
9. Result-Oriented
10. Efficient (Priority Management, Task Delegation, Effective Communication)
11. A good listener.
12. Solution Oriented

Find below the knowledge and competencies applicants are preferred to have.

1. EXPA operations knowledge
2. Google applications ( Mail, Calendar, Sheets, Docs, Slides, Hangouts, Drive)
3. Team Management
4. Eective Communication
5. Customer Flow Understanding
6. Functional Area basics
8. Global and Local Trends
9. Level 3 Competency on the AIESEC Competence Stack. See

According to an aggregate of all the Local Compendiums, The Local Committee President must:

  1. Have a good command of the English language- that is both spoken and written.

  2. Have attended 70% of the Local Committee's meetings.

  3. Have attended 70% of the Local Committee's training seminars and other programs.

  4. Have been cleared financially by the VPF.

  5. Have been cleared by the Disciplinary Committee.

  6. Have been a bona fide member of the Local Committee.

  7. Not have a criminal record.

  8. Be of general good conduct.

  9. Have spent at least 2-3 months of an academic year in AIESEC.

  10. Be highly knowledgeable of EXPA, Exchange and projects in AIESEC.

  11. Be highly knowledgeable in AIESEC affairs.

process description

Application Submission

Submit your application to hello@aiesecgh.net and cc your current lcp, your lc's electoral committee chair and your lc coach. The email subject should read [LC Name]: LCP 23.24 Application: [Full name]

MC Review

The Member Committee Review is not an elimination process. The review will be by a panel formed by the MC comprising of three people (MCP, MCVP TM, and LC Coach)
There will be a review output that will be sent to the EC Chair, and the LCPc (or proxy) will be copied. The aim of that document is to provide insight for voting members so they can make decisions.

Board of Advisors Review

This is an optional process depending on the LC. The Board of Advisors review the applicant and creates a report for the Local Committee to make informed decisions based on criteria that they have pre-defined.

External Review

This is an optional process depending on the LC. It is not an elimination part of the process. The output of the review however has to be shared with the local plenary just before voting, so they can make informed decisions.

The Electoral Committee will be responsible for this part of the process and will communicate with the applicants for their Local Committees at the right time.

Applicant Interview

This is also not an elimination part of the process. The output of the interview will also be shared with the local plenary just before voting, so they can make informed decisions.
The Electoral Committee in synergy with the current LCP (or the proxy) will be responsible for this part of the process and will communicate with the applicants for their Local Committees at the right time.

Manifesto Reading/Q and A

The Electoral Committee for the Local Committee you're applying to will be responsible for this process and will communicate with you as at when due.

LCP Elect Announcement

After election, announcement will be done by the MC on the i-comms page

Transition and Team Selection

Immediately after the election transition and team selection process will begin in earnest

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