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application instructions

Letter of Intent Submission

All applicants have to submit a signed letter of intent to hello@aiesecgh.net.
They'd copy the LC Coach, the LCPc (or proxy), and the EC Chair. Without that, they cannot join the application process. You can see a sample here

Deadline for Letter of Intent Submission is 18:00 hrs GMT+0, 9th of October 2022

Pro Tip

Stay close to your email, and reach out if you do not receive a confirmation in 48 hours

Application Packaging

All your documents should be in pdf format and be compiled into a zipped folder before submission.
Please note that other formats asides from zip folders will not be accepted.
Your zipped folder should be named in the format "FullName-LCP(LC Name)-23/24 Application. For example, Oladimeji Abdulmalik Edu-LCP AIESEC in Adenta-23/24 Application

Pro Tip

Compile your documents with a laptop

Application Limits

The limits for your application package are as follows:
- Your questionnaire booklet should not exceed 15 pages (including cover page)
- Your application video should not exceed 7 minutes
- Your motivation letter, executive summary, applicant bio and cv should not exceed one page
- Your blank paper challenge should not exceed one page

Pro Tip

Double check all your documents and have someone else cross-check for you

Endorsement Letters

All endorsement letters must be signed by the person endorsing (e-signatures are allowed).
The letters have to be properly dated and answer the question specific to the endorsement category.

Pro Tip

Request your Endorsement Letter in advance and double check them

Application Concerns

If you have any concerns, please reach out to your Electoral Committee Chair.
If no answers are provided, you can reach out to the MC OD Manager

Pro Tip

Double check all your documents and have someone else cross-check for you

Submission Confirmation

You will receive confirmation of receipt of your application as soon as it has been received (only if the reception of the applications happens during working hours (09:00 - 17:00hrs). If reception of applications occurs out of working hours you will be notified of reception within a maximum of 48 hours. You will get confirmation from your Local Committee's Electoral Committee Chair, and from the Entity. Please reach out to our EC Chair and/or the MC OD Manager if you do not receive a confirmation email in 48 hours.

Pro Tip

Stay close to your email, and reach out if you do not receive a confirmation in 48 hours

Application Submission

Applications are required to be submitted before 18:00 hrs on the 17thof September 2022.
You are to attach your zipped folder to an email with a properly constructed body and send it to hello@aiesecgh.net. You are also required to copy the current LCP (or the proxy), your Electoral Committee Chair, and the LC Coach

Pro Tip

Double check all your documents and have someone else cross-check for you

Application Submission

Late applications, even by a few minutes, will not be accepted, and no exceptions will be given, including in the cases of email or computer dysfunction. Extensions will not be given. As such, we strongly recommend that you do not wait until the last minute to submit your application, as you will be risking it not being accepted should unforeseen events occur.

Pro Tip

Double check all your documents and have someone else cross-check for you

electoral committee chairs

jemimah kenny-hastens

ec chair, aiesec in cu

kwame omari-anim danful

ec chair, aiesec in knust

randy lartey otoo

ec chair, aiesec in legon

jeanette mawunyo tsini

ec chair, aiesec in rmu

elvis kofi otoo

ec chair, aiesec in ucc
ec chair, aiesec in ucc

mariama awah ibrahim

ec chair, aiesec in uenr

muhammed abdullah bello

ec chair, aiesec in umat

local committee presidents

michael bissah

lcp 22.23 aiesec in cu

samuel nkrumah

lcp 22.23 aiesec in knust

mavis c. doe

lcp 22.23, aiesec in legon

clara nukunu

lcp 22.23, aiesec in rmu

grace adubea dartey

lcp 22.23, aiesec in ucc

felix dosu

lcp 22.23, aiesec in uenr

faiza suleman

lcp 22.23, aiesec in umat

national operations department

brian kwame afful

vp operations

oluwatooni olaifa

mc ogv manager

sam-george baidoo

mc igv manager

chioma oka

mc ogt manager

kelvin asamoah

mc igt manager

national brand and marketing department

sedudzi amrago

vp brand and marketing

hawa puumayah saeed

mc b2b marketing manager

national talent management and ewa department

chidera odirichukwu

vp talent management & ewa

amarachi chinedu

mc tm manager

eyram dorcas nyameshie

mc ewa manager

national business development department

mohammed kamil zakaria

vp business development

nimatu mustapha

mc bd manager

national finance and organizational development department

oladimeji edu


eugenia anaba

mc od manager

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