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When you hear the term “global money week” what’s  the first thing that comes to mind? If you think it’s a week set aside to emphasise on financial literacy, you are right. 

Don’t worry if you think it’s another  period where some Non governmental organisations come together to share a few bucks to those who meet the criteria. You are also not far from the truth because the central focus is still money. 

In the real sense of the word, global money week is an international celebration aimed at creating awareness  on financial literacy. Money will always come and go if we don’t find a way to keep it safe. One thing  I’ve noticed about money is that it is never enough. This is why many people find It  difficult  to save their money  even when they know it is the right thing  to do. 

To this end, AIESEC in Ghana and other  partners have been consistent in hosting financial seminars aimed at developing  the right mindset about money and how to save it, as the money you save today, might save you tomorrow. 

Testimonials from past events are living proof that it really pays to save money. Ours is to create the right mindset In young people as a vehicle towards achieving  financial  freedom. 

Don’t worry about getting answers to your questions,  we have financial  experts with the right motivation to put a stop to any financial problem you might be going through. 

If this excites you already, quickly book your space here and guess what? It’s absolutely free. You will be thanking yourself for the rest of the year that you did. Don’t forget to sign up now. (http://bit.ly/GMW23_RegistrationForm

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